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Noninvasive Glucose Measurements

InLight Solutions is developing non-invasive devices that use near infrared (NIR) optical spectroscopy and multi-variate analysis to make quantitative and qualitative measurements. When applying the technology to measuring glucose, it is the product engineering and the multi-variate software algorithms that are critical to producing accurate results. Since glucose molecules look very much like water molecules, we design our optics and our software to clearly distinguish the target molecule from anything else. This enables us to make dependable measurements.

The devices are made up of three components: a light source, an optical detector, and a spectrometer. Simply put, the light source shines light into the skin. Much of the light escapes but some bounces back and can be analyzed by the spectrometer with subsequent measurement by the detector. By measuring differences between the light that was sent into the skin and the light that the detector collects, the system can be programmed to selectively analyze a particular molecule. Each molecule responds differently to the light so we can distinguish one from the other by their particular vibration characteristics. The entire system is optimized for accurate quantitative measurements of glucose concentration.

InLight manufactures prototypes for its research partner and will perform final assembly and test for the product line upon FDA approval.

For information on noninvasive glucose monitoring, please contact Ries Robinson


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