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Ex Vivo Critical Care Glucose Monitor

Scientific and clinical studies have demonstrated that tight control of blood glucose significantly improves critical care patient outcomes.

Market Need: Scientific and clinical studies have demonstrated that tight control of blood glucose significantly improves critical care patient outcomes. Tight glycemic control has been shown to reduce surgical site infections in cardiothoracic surgery patients, and has been shown to reduce morbidity, length of stay, and mortality among ICU patients. Historically, hyperglycemia was treated only when glucose levels exceeded 220 mg/dL. Based upon these recent compelling studies, experts now recommend controlling blood glucose to the normoglycemic range (80–110 mg/dL). Adherence to such strict glucose control regimens requires near-continuous monitoring of blood glucose to achieve normoglycemia while avoiding risk of hypoglycemia.

Proposed Solution: InLight is developing a reagentless, easy-to-use, near-continuous glucose monitoring system that will enable tight glucose control protocols. A sterile and disposable bloodsampling system with an integrated optical cuvette is used to make the glucose determination. The blood-sampling system can be incorporated into the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit (for cardiac surgery patients), or can be attached to a standard blood-access catheter (for ICU patients). The system automatically draws blood into the cuvette, where glucose concentration is measured by quantitative near-infrared spectroscopy. Blood is returned to the patient after measurement. Once the instrument is set up, near-continuous measurements are made with no further nurse or perfusionist involvement.

Competitive Landscape: Current ICU glucose monitoring requires multiple finger sticks that are labor intensive, expensive, and involve blood loss. InLight’s solution has a minimal cost per test, no calibration, no ongoing labor requirements, and no progressive blood loss, resulting in true market differentiation.

Development / Commercialization Plan: InLight has demonstrated near-infrared measurements of glucose in serum and blood with clinical accuracy. Product realization will require customization of existing for ex vivo blood measurements and development of the blood sampling system. InLight will work with clinicians in the OR and ICU settings to generate clinical feasibility data in patients. InLight’s commercialization strategy is to partner with patient monitoring market leaders to introduce the instrument first into the operating room followed by the critical care hospital setting. Peerreviewed publications and securing of federal grants will raise clinician and public awareness that will speed market adoption.

For information on critical care monitoring please follow this link to LuminousMedical.com

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