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March 8th, 2004

InLight Solutions Presents Noninvasive
Alcohol Results to National Safety Council

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – March 8, 2004 – InLight Solutions Vice President Jim McNally, Ph.D., captured the imaginations of forensic scientists and alcohol enforcement experts during his presentation of the Company’s noninvasive alcohol monitor study results to the National Safety Council, Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs. The committee met during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Scientists in Dallas, a forum for the latest findings and developments in the forensic science field.

InLight Solutions study results demonstrate that the current noninvasive system accuracy is equivalent to breath test accuracy. Because the individual being tested cannot influence the test by shallow breathing, introducing mouth interferents, or failing to cooperate, the InLight Solutions method has inherent advantages over breath methods. The system can provide the measurement result in one minute as opposed to breath measurements that require a 15-minute “observation” waiting period. Meeting participants responded positively to the noninvasive advantages including timesavings, ease of use, and increased safety associated with fluidless measurement.

InLight Solutions is entertaining commercialization partnership agreements for the system in law-enforcement, workplace, healthcare, and in-vehicle interlock markets. Dr. McNally anticipates that noninvasive alcohol measurement systems could be available within two years.

InLight Solutions develops and commercializes optical measurement solutions for life-science applications. In addition to noninvasive measurements for alcohol measurements, the Company is developing medical systems that noninvasively measure glucose, blood gases, and other chemistry markers. InLight Solutions’ spectrometers are also applicable to nondestructive measurements of industrial process control parameters. Technical areas of expertise include photonics, chemometrics, clinical research, statistics, and a wide array of engineering disciplines.

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