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February 10th, 2004

InLight Solutions Responds to President’s
Recommendations for Diabetes Screening

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – February 10th, 2004 – InLight Solutions is accelerating development of its noninvasive diabetes screening system as HealthierUS: The President's Health and Fitness Initiative gains momentum. Among the recommendations for preventative care, President George W. Bush and his administration support routine screening for diabetes noting that “Early detection with treatment can reduce diabetes-related blindness by up to 90 percent, kidney failure by up to 50 percent, and amputations by up to 50 percent”*.

InLight Solutions’ recent scientific results presented at the 3rd Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting indicate that noninvasive measurements of skin collagen fluorescence should be useful for diabetes screening. Results support the hypothesis that noninvasive fluorescence spectroscopy can provide a direct measurement of skin collagen advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). AGEs are elevated in individuals with prolonged hyperglycemia. InLight Solutions is developing a noninvasive instrument that can quantify skin collagen AGEs as a way to screen for diabetes. InLight Solutions’ scientists are optimistic that the noninvasive diabetes screening method could one day replace the inconvenient and time-consuming fasting plasma glucose and oral glucose tolerance test measurements, both of which require overnight fasting plus a venous blood draw.

InLight Solutions develops and commercializes optical measurement solutions for life-science applications. In addition to noninvasive measurements for diabetes detection and management, the Company is developing medical systems that noninvasively measure alcohol concentration, blood gases, and other chemistry markers. InLight Solutions’ spectrometers are also applicable to nondestructive measurements of industrial process control parameters. Technical areas of expertise include photonics, chemometrics, clinical research, statistics, and a wide array of engineering disciplines. InLight Solutions has spun out two new companies: Lumidigm, dedicated to biometric security, and MolecuLight, dedicated to cancer diagnostics.

Source: HealthierUS: The President’s Health and Fitness Initiative.

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