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February 10th, 2004

Senator Bingaman Investigates Noninvasive Medical Measurements

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – January 14, 2004 –U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman visited InLight Solutions’ headquarters to learn more about noninvasive optical spectroscopy and the latest life sciences applications. Scientists and engineers explained how optical spectroscopy is used to measure various parameters in living systems. Senator Bingaman received a tour of the corporate facility and demonstrations of the Company’s technologies and products.

"The work being performed at InLight Solutions is highly impressive. I am especially interested in the non-invasive diabetes screening and alcohol measurement technology being developed by InLight Solutions scientists. I've always been a strong supporter of federal funding for New Mexico's two laboratories because the research they do is invaluable. But the research being done in the private sector is equally important, and I look forward to finding ways to bring more federal support to InLight Solutions and companies like it," Senator Bingaman said.

InLight Solutions develops and commercializes optical measurement solutions for life-science applications. Areas of expertise include photonics, chemometrics, clinical research, statistics, and a wide array of engineering disciplines. In addition to noninvasive glucose and alcohol measurements, the Company is developing systems to noninvasively screen for diabetes, measure arterial blood gases, and measure industrial process control parameters. InLight Solutions’ has spun out two new companies: Lumidigm, dedicated to biometric security, and MolecuLight, dedicated to cancer diagnostics.

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